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longtime, no chat, eh? sorry. I’m still knitting, I just don’t keep up with the blog much.

So, story time…

My boss (well, he’s the owner, more than my actual boss, but whatever) has a cabin up in Annandale. Someone was staying there and left a kitty behind. They soon realized she had kittens.

Anywho, he asks me a few weeks ago if I know anyone looking for a cat. I told him that I’d been looking for one. Fast forward, she had her spay surgery on Friday and she was dropped off tonight.

She is set up in my bedroom. Wolfie will sit outside the door when I’m in there and meow his fool head off. She’ll growl at him from her side of the door. This will be fun, I’m sure. (*rollseyes*)

more pics of her here

she still needs a name.