so I’m making notes here so I remember how to make it next time.

prepare apple pie filling as directed on Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust box. prepare dough for one-crust pie.
consult the How to Cook Everything cookbook on apple pies. make the struedel topping. add oatmeal. bake as directed for that pie option.



as for knitting. I started an afghan square (for a KAL) late last night while watching Twilight*. it’s pretty boring so far - just a plain stockinette square with seed stitch border in Caron Simply Soft. I’m going to make a couple of Marie Mayhew’s felted gingerbread men and sew them onto it.

* that was the 2nd time I watched it since it arrived yesterday afternoon. the first time was with the commentary on. yup, the Twilight obsession is still in full force. oh, and Chris - you’ll laugh at this. I’m actually attempting to write some fanfic now.